Quitting my quitting.

I’d been wanting to do this hike for over 10 years, but never wanted to “go alone” and didn’t know anyone to go with. I saw my younger cousin went yesterday, so I hit her up and asked if I could go with her the next time she went, not realizing she’d say “meet me there tomorrow!” 

We meet up, I have my little backpack for my water and keys, and we start… y’all… this hike is HARD! It was getting hot, the trail was steep for my beginning hiker self, and I was just… not prepared. 3/4 of a mile in, my heart rate was in the 200’s, and pretty sure I was going to faint, we sat on a rock and rested… which was a BIG MISTAKE. 

After letting myself rest for 5 minutes, we get back up to keep going and my legs felt like noodles… mind you, I literally just managed through a 5K after sitting on my couch since last year, just 2 weekends ago, so I’m so super confused about why I can’t do this, and when we hit the one mile mark, I was extra ready to give up and head back to our cars, I figured I’d come back “some other time” better prepared and try again.

Y’all, my 21 year old cousin starts lecturing me with stuff that I needed to hear more than she knew.

I give up EVERYTHING, every.freaking.thing, and she’s like, “I promise it will be like less than 20 more minutes we’ll be at the waterfall, but why come all the way up here just to stop when you’re 20 minutes away? Don’t keep doing this to yourself!” The couple hiking behind us heard, and they chimed in like, “its 10 minutes if you walk fast, cmon let’s go!” 

I could NOT keep up with them, lol, but after that, I thought about how long I’d wanted to do this hike and how right they all were and my legs strengthened up and I made it to the waterfall just freaking fine. 

No lie, the “waterfall” was actually a little underwhelming… but regardless, I learned a big lesson about giving up on things I want, even if they don’t end up being everything I’d hoped. I’ve wasted so much time starting things and not finishing them. 

Needless to say, yesterday I applied to return to school in the fall, I’ve outlined some blogging topics, started my blog (!!) and opened a journal I haven’t in years, and will attempt to write daily for the next 21 days. 

I’m thankful for my cousin who has more wisdom at 21 than I’ve had for myself, ever. Thankful to hear and receive the message today about not giving up things I desire because they get to difficult, especially when I’m near the end and will reap the reward soon enough. ♥️

Here’s to quitting my quitting.

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